Mr. Holloway

Trade and Industry  -- G.H.S. Home
  Subject Taught:
  • Auto-Shop




  • Mio High School

  • Kirtland Community College for 2 years

  • Ferris State University for 2 years


Additional Responsibilities:

  • Keep an eye on Mr. Riley
  • Have an adequate nap time
  • Sufficient number of pranks pulled each year
  • break at least 2 desks with his head each year

Years in Education: 2


Years at G.H.S.:  1 1/2                          


Hobbies and Interest's:

  • Traveling

  • Riding Motorcycles

  • camping


 IF Mr. Holloway could be any animal he would be a snapping turtle because they don't have to move fast and when they get ticked they can snap at people.



Mr. Holloway's dream car is a 55 ford panel truck.


His favorite teacher is Mrs. Hayes and his least favorite teacher is Mr. Riley.